Low On Patience?

Are you feeling a little short on patience these days? Do you find yourself snapping at your kids, like, all the time? Do you find yourself fighting with your partner over silly little things? Do you hate the idea of engaging with your coworkers because you don’t have time for their bu%*$^#? (Actually, that one […]

The Secret To Weight Loss No One Talks About

Weight. It’s something that’s on everyone’s minds. And not that it should be. But we’ve been conditioned that we’re supposed to be a certain weight. And let’s be honest, as busy, tired women, most of us aren’t the weight we want to be. Whether we want to gain weight or lose weight. I don’t want […]

The One Thing I Always Forget To Think About

I am a person who is on the go all the time. I love being busy, I operate at a pretty fast pace, and I don’t love sitting still. I’m trying to get better at it, but it’s an ongoing struggle for me. One thing I do really believe in is consistency. If you are […]

Eating Healthy With Super High Food Prices

I just got back from the grocery store, and wow!  We all have watched prices going up for months now, and I wince every time I put some items in my cart, but today felt like a new high. A (very large) bag of carrots at Costco today cost me $9.99, while back in January […]

What I Hate About Self-Care

I hate the current concept of self-care. Don’t get me wrong. Taking care of yourself is incredibly important! That’s not the part I hate. What I hate, what makes me so mad, is how people throw this term around with an incredible frequency, but I don’t think they’re doing real self-care. I can’t tell you […]

Lies You’ve Been Told As A Busy Mom

Do you ever lie? You might answer no (is that a lie?) which is amazing. But I bet the answer is yes. You might always tell the truth to people you love or your kids or your partner, but I’m sure at some point you’ve told a lie, whether it’s a little white one, or […]

Solving Night Sweats Without Medication

Night sweats. Hot flashes. The words we associate with menopause. “Ha! I’m nowhere near menopause” you might say. And you’re probably right. But here’s why I want you to think about night sweats right now. Menopause hits most women sometime around their 50’s, but it can happen in your late 40’s. And perimenopause, this lovely […]

8 Things To Adjust To Sleep Better Tonight

Normally I talk about habits and all of the behaviours you should know about how to sleep better. BUT – there are many things you can change that aren’t habit related, but that will ensure you have a good night’s sleep. Here are my top 8! Even tweaking one or two of these can drastically […]

6 Key Tips If You’ve Had A Terrible Sleep

Were you up all night last night? Maybe tossing and turning, or the kids had you up all night? Are you exhausted and not thinking clearly today? Here are my top 6 tips for what I want you to focus on today, to ensure you get through today feeling as good as possible, and to […]

Tricks To Sleeping With High Emotions

I don’t know what you’re feeling right this moment, but I’m writing this during a very stressful time where there is a lot of division and anger in our community and our world. And I’m definitely feeling those emotions. All of them. And I’ve been losing sleep this last little while. My sleep is very […]

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