Why Some Foods Make You Feel Awful

Do you ever feel terrible after you eat certain foods? Maybe some food makes you feel tired, or bloated (that’s a common one), or just give you an upset stomach. It also might be possible you notice things not at all connected to your digestive system when you eat certain foods. Things like itchy skin, […]

What Does it Mean to “Eat Well”?

Eating well doesn’t mean what we think it means. I talk about “eating well” ALL the time. Probably an annoying amount to the people I talk to regularly. But I’m so fascinated and strongly believe that what we eat matters. It matters a lot. It impacts our digestion and how we feel and our energy […]

Most Sleep Fixes Don’t Work

Here’s why! Let me tell you a story. Michelle was struggling with her sleep. She was exhausted, but couldn’t fall asleep when she went to bed at night. So she’d lie there staring at the ceiling, angry and frustrated. And finally, when she would fall asleep, she wouldn’t be able to stay asleep. Almost every […]

Low On Patience?

Are you feeling a little short on patience these days? Do you find yourself snapping at your kids, like, all the time? Do you find yourself fighting with your partner over silly little things? Do you hate the idea of engaging with your coworkers because you don’t have time for their bu%*$^#? (Actually, that one […]

The Secret To Weight Loss No One Talks About

Weight. It’s something that’s on everyone’s minds. And not that it should be. But we’ve been conditioned that we’re supposed to be a certain weight. And let’s be honest, as busy, tired women, most of us aren’t the weight we want to be. Whether we want to gain weight or lose weight. I don’t want […]

Quality Over Quantity

Why sleep QUALITY is more important than sleep QUANTITY If you’re anything like me (a busy woman), than the to-do list you have never ends. And every night when it’s really time for me to head to bed, I keep thinking of all the other things that I need to get done that day. If […]

The Downside of Fitness Trackers

Do you have a fitness tracker? Like a Fitbit or an Apple watch or something similar? If you’re not familiar with these, they’re usually a watch-like device you wear around your wrist, that can monitor all sorts of things for you (described below). They tend to range around $40 – $600, depending on the features […]

Should I Nap?

Let’s talk about naps. Are you someone who adores a good nap? Who dreams of curling up in (or maybe on) your bed for a good snooze in the middle of the day? Or are you not a napper at all? I must admit, I fall into the latter group. I’ve never been a napper, […]

The One Thing I Always Forget To Think About

I am a person who is on the go all the time. I love being busy, I operate at a pretty fast pace, and I don’t love sitting still. I’m trying to get better at it, but it’s an ongoing struggle for me. One thing I do really believe in is consistency. If you are […]

Should You Eat Organic Meat?

This is going to seem like a VERY strange topic for someone who talks about sleep, but here’s the reality. What we eat, how we eat, when we eat, everything around food is just one of the most important pillars of overall health. And the quality of our food plays a big role in this […]

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