Spoiler Alert: Not All Foods Make You Feel Great

Do you feel differently when you eat different foods? That might sound like a silly question, but different foods affect us differently. I feel different when I eat salad than I do when I eat steak. Ice cream makes me (personally, and sadly), feel gross, and I don’t always feel great eating steak or bread […]

Is Sugar Evil?

Raise your hand if you’ve heard that sugar is evil or poison or just terrible for you. Is your hand up? Mine is. If you’re just here to get an answer to a question, I’ll give you the goods up front: Sugar isn’t evil. Our body knows what to do with it and metabolize it. […]

Why Some Foods Make You Feel Awful

Do you ever feel terrible after you eat certain foods? Maybe some food makes you feel tired, or bloated (that’s a common one), or just give you an upset stomach. It also might be possible you notice things not at all connected to your digestive system when you eat certain foods. Things like itchy skin, […]

What Does it Mean to “Eat Well”?

Eating well doesn’t mean what we think it means. I talk about “eating well” ALL the time. Probably an annoying amount to the people I talk to regularly. But I’m so fascinated and strongly believe that what we eat matters. It matters a lot. It impacts our digestion and how we feel and our energy […]

The Secret To Weight Loss No One Talks About

Weight. It’s something that’s on everyone’s minds. And not that it should be. But we’ve been conditioned that we’re supposed to be a certain weight. And let’s be honest, as busy, tired women, most of us aren’t the weight we want to be. Whether we want to gain weight or lose weight. I don’t want […]

Should You Eat Organic Meat?

This is going to seem like a VERY strange topic for someone who talks about sleep, but here’s the reality. What we eat, how we eat, when we eat, everything around food is just one of the most important pillars of overall health. And the quality of our food plays a big role in this […]

How to Stay on Track on Vacation

Hello, summer! Are you a fan of summer? I LOVE summer! I love the warmth (though not too hot, please!). I love the laid back feeling, I love the social calendar filling up. And I love going on trips (big or small) and adventures, even if they’re not long. I know not everyone takes a […]

Should You Eat Organic Fruits & Veggies?

Do you buy organic food? There is no right or wrong answer here! Both are correct, and the yes or no answer depends widely on you, your situation, and your family. The reason I ask is because this is a big subject, and can be a touchy one. So I thought I’d take a look […]

The Truth About Coffee

Coffee – the nectar of the Gods? Or no thanks, not for you? This luscious, rich, dark liquid is revered by many. And coffee is more than a taste – it’s often an experience. It’s a ritual, it’s a habit, it’s an enjoyable part of the day for most people. For many, it’s also a […]

Avoid These Supplement Mistakes

How many supplements do you think exist for sleep? My guess is thousands, in various combinations. Every single supplement company I know makes a sleep supplement. The most common ingredients I see, either on their own or as part of a combination supplement, are: Melatonin Magnesium L-theanine 5-HTP GABA Valerian root Passionflower Chamomile Lemon balm […]

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