Does Your Mood Fall With The Leaves?

Do you find your mood goes down as the days get colder and darker? Everyone’s mood is impacted by different things. But it’s not uncommon that when the fall season comes around, moods can start to go down. Maybe you’re feeling more tired than usual. Maybe you’re having a hard time keeping up at work […]

Why You Can’t Make One More Decision

My son came into my office this morning and asked me if he could do something (I don’t even remember what it was now) and I literally stared at him. I couldn’t decide. I could not possibly make one more decision. And it wasn’t even 9 AM. Do you ever have that feeling? Where if […]

Why Working Less Won’t Fix Burnout

Raise your hand if you feel like you’ve been burnt out, either currently or sometime in the past. I bet most of you raised your hand. Burnout is not a new idea. Burnout is pretty common, and the rates of it are going up. The term was coined in the 70’s, and it has 3 […]

Low On Patience?

Are you feeling a little short on patience these days? Do you find yourself snapping at your kids, like, all the time? Do you find yourself fighting with your partner over silly little things? Do you hate the idea of engaging with your coworkers because you don’t have time for their bu%*$^#? (Actually, that one […]

The One Thing I Always Forget To Think About

I am a person who is on the go all the time. I love being busy, I operate at a pretty fast pace, and I don’t love sitting still. I’m trying to get better at it, but it’s an ongoing struggle for me. One thing I do really believe in is consistency. If you are […]

What We Can Learn From Chaos

I remember being in high school chemistry (apologies if you didn’t take high school chemistry, I promise I’m not going to get very technical here) and learning about the concept of entropy. I was fascinated by it. For those of you didn’t take high school chemistry, or if high school chemistry was MANY years ago […]

Lies You’ve Been Told As A Busy Mom

Do you ever lie? You might answer no (is that a lie?) which is amazing. But I bet the answer is yes. You might always tell the truth to people you love or your kids or your partner, but I’m sure at some point you’ve told a lie, whether it’s a little white one, or […]

Tricks To Sleeping With High Emotions

I don’t know what you’re feeling right this moment, but I’m writing this during a very stressful time where there is a lot of division and anger in our community and our world. And I’m definitely feeling those emotions. All of them. And I’ve been losing sleep this last little while. My sleep is very […]

The Real Reason You’re Burnt Out (And What To Do About It)

I learned something SO fascinating last week (at least fascinating to me) about burn out. It’s something that I don’t know how I didn’t know before. I should preface by saying this is not my work. This is based on the work of Dr. Emily Nagoski, who has done some incredible work about burn out […]

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